Miss Kennie’s Swim School is located in Orlando, Florida and has been in business over 20 years in the Conway area. Children ages one to three years are taught how to survive in the water.  Miss Kennie’s swim lessons are private one on one and held four days a week, Monday through Thursday for 10 minute sessions. The children attend all four days. The swim season runs from April until September.

     The children are taught individually and they are able to progress at his or her specific rate of learning. Miss Kennie has found that the more children are able to practice their swimming skills the quicker they are able to graduate.  The students are also taught consistently to swim to the steps or the wall so that they do not spend time anticipating that someone else will rescue them.

     The parents do not get into the water during lessons.  Towards the end of lessons and the students are close to graduation, Miss Kennie will have a parent get into the pool with her and the student.  They will work on the skills the child has learned in order that the parent can practice to reinforce the skills the student has learned.

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