Positive Reinforcement

Miss Kennie teaches children survival techniques in the water. She teaches by positive reinforcement. She rewards all positive behaviors and ignores any incorrect behaviors during the lessons.

The students are taught survival techniques for the water by learning a series of skills.

As a matter of safety, the children are always taught to swim to the wall of the pool and not to a person

Miss Kennie does not believe in “drown-proofing”. Children should be taught to be safe in and around the water. No one can guarantee that a child or an adult will not drown.

During one class session near graduation time, the children will be asked to wear heavy clothing in the pool. Miss Kennie will instruct them on techniques to use if the child should accidentally fall into the pool fully clothed.

One class is also scheduled for a parent to join the instructor and student in the pool. At this time Miss Kennie will demonstrate a few basic skills for the parent and child to use after graduation.