Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Drowning is the second greatest cause of death in children in the United States. In Florida the drowning potential is even greater. Please read these safety tips

1. Constant adult supervision is imperative.

2. If you have a pool, make sure it is completely fenced off from the house. Keep all doors leading to the pool area locked. In addition, audible warning devices should be installed on all exterior doors.

3. Establish a ”No running in pool area” rule and enforce it!

4. Clearly define and mark deep and shallow areas of the Pool. Do not allow any diving in depths less than seven (7) feet.

5. Do not use swimming devices (i.e. “swimmies”) as swimming aids. They give children a false sense of security in the water.

6. Always have a phone near the pool area, and instruct all family members on how to use the 911 system.

7. Become certified in CPR.

Don’t Teach Kids How to Drown: